Hypnosis for relationship problems, anxiety, etc...


Coaching Hypnosis is a well-integrated approach to help you identify and address blocks that keep you from moving forward and experiencing peace and well-being in your life.

Coaching Hypnosis is effective for many issues because it involves YOU in discovering and maintaining long term solutions.

How do we do this? Simply by exploring the pre-cursors that have gotten in your way, have limited your thinking and beliefs about what is possible and making changes that will improve how you approach situations in the future.

Together we will find solutions that fit for YOU, that you can continue to address on your own through self-hypnosis allowing you to step forward into better health, thinking and well-being.

Hypnosis can be used to assist in the improvement of:




Self Doubting Patterns


Habit Change for Nail Biting, Tricotilmania, OCD, etc.




Insomnia and other Sleep Issues


Chronic Pain


Illness and Injury


Physical and Mental Healing


Preparation for Surgery




Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Self Esteem Issues


Performance Improvement in Sports/Business/Etc.


Stress Management


Learning to Focus on the here and now


Test and Speaking Anxiety


PTSD, Anger, Relationship Stress.


Managing Stress to Improve Mental Clarity


We will explore what you are seeking help for, identify how we can effectively work together and start a process to help you improve your life, attitudes and relationships. 

I offer a sliding fee scale to accomodate most individual situations and will describe the ingredients in the work we will do together that will change your life in our first session.

In addition to hypnosis I employ behavior modification, emotional freedom techniques (tapping), coaching, empathy, imagery, and trance work suited to your level of comfort and individual needs.

Call to inquire and set up your first appointment in Coaching Hypnosis today.