Service for Weightloss

Research shows that there are numerous potential health related risks to being overweight and eating poorly.  Lack of exercise and activity can also impact conditioning, joint health, heart, cholestoral and blood pressure. In other words, it is considered very important not just to loose weight but to maintain the weight loss by developing healthier lifestyle choices.

Making that work for you involves learning to shop and cook differently, to alter what you order when you go out and to make a plan you can realistically stick with to increase your activity level, lower your calories and manage stress to prevent "stressful eating." Not many of us can do that on our own and having a health coach at your side can make the difference between on and off dieting and REAL dietary and health changes though understanding of motivational principals, barriers and incentives to making healthy changes.

Working together we address long lasting Lifestyle Changes that will help you loose and maintain loss of weight and have a Better Life.  

In a professional manner I will help to step you through each phase of the weight loss process with education, nutritional information, tasty food alternative suggestions and a dedicated coach!