“Imagine Success” – Hypnosis for Change -  Betty Havey, MA, Mht. 

I am glad to be able to introduce you to the concept and benefits of hypnosis.  First, allow me to introduce myself.   I have recently re-located to St. Pete Beach/Gulfport having come by way of living for a time in North Florida.   I spent 25 years in the wonderful town of Santa Cruz, CA. where I was a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with clients across the spectrum of individual, family and couples issues. 

The “left coast” allowed me to work holistically and collaboratively with practitioners across the spectrum of healing including with hypnosis/biofeedback/anxiety and pain control issues.  Following the earthquake in 1989, I became trained in working with clients with PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder) by a well-known Santa Cruz psychiatrist. So began my fascination with working with the mind and imagination. 

I have since become certified as a Certified Health Promotion and Worksite Wellness Consultant offering sessions on an individual basis to treat stress, weight issues, smoking cessation, pain,  chronic health issues and PTSD to name a few. I am also a Certified Health and Wellness Promotion Specialist (University of Southern Indiana School of Nursing, 2012)

The mind is a habit machine. Most of our time is spent in repeating familiar habits of thought that have formed over many years. The mind operates largely on “auto-pilot”,  a kind of thought repetition that allows us to “cruise” though life in the familiar by habit.  

If it were not for this, we would constantly be exhausted from having to think about each behavior we perform.  That is the good news. The not so good news is that these mind habits come easily and become templates for our daily existence.  Notice, for example, the thought that you might be having right now.  It may be something like this: “hypnosis sounds too different, I do not feel that something so unknowable could benefit me.”   

And yet, it is the willingness to be flexible and find new ways of thinking that allows us to make changes in life. In order to disrupt our quick mind conclusions about  new opportunities, feelings, thoughts and the habits that accompany them, we have to find new pathways of thinking.   

Easier said than done! Let me expand.  

The mind repeatedly takes us back to what we know:  

“I’m too tired, I like doing what I know, I like the comfort of  my eating, smoking, drinking, feeling invisible, not being noticed, so that I do not have to feel too challenged. It serves me to do things the same way. Still I want to make some important changes for my health and well being, but I have not been successful” 

Exactly. Actually in order to effect change, we do have to find ways to stretch and become flexible in our thinking. Guided Hypnosis is a perfect vehicle to do this. 

So, what would hypnosis do for you?  After an initial interview session of learning about how you think and which of your unconscious thought patterns are impeding you from moving forward with the changes you desire, a hypnosis session is conducted together.  

In a hypnosis session you will be guided to a deep state of relaxation in which your subconscious mind is more easily accessed. I utilize images and suggestions to help you construct new mind patterns to better help you to reach your goals.   

In hypnosis, you are completely in control at all times and will experience a state of deep relaxation and an accompanying openness which will enhance our work together. Hypnosis is most effective if repeated at some regular interval until your conscious mind begins to pattern new thoughts more easily. This is essentially what we do together. 

I look forward to your inquiry and an opportunity to set up an appointment to get to know you and how we can work together!   

I promise it is a creative and powerful way to approach old problems.  One of the things I enjoy most about hypnosis is the wonderful results and the creativity of working with each client as an individual. I look forward assisting you with realizing your goals. 

Betty Havey, Certified Health Promotion and Worksite Wellness Consultant, MA.